Web Drafter Model: WDN

Our web drafter can be installed in-between the exit of a cross lapper and the first (pre-) needle loom. With this web drafter it is possible to draft the cross lapped fibre material in material direction (MD) up to 70%. This enables the nonwoven producer to change specifications of the final material in regards of tensile strength and elongation. Furthermore, it is possible to produce light weight products with a very high uniformity.

Technical and mechanical specifications:

  • Working width: 2.500 – 8.000 mm
  • Maximum opening: 500 mm
  • Maximum speed: 40 m/min
  • Maximum draft: 70 %

Composition of the machine

  • Web drafter is equipped with a PVC infeed belt including a compression belt from top
  • Our web drafter has up to 5 trio groups to draft the fibre batt max. 70%
  • At the exit the machine has an PVC exit conveyor belt
  • Six individual gearbox motors are installed to drive the roller groups
  • 6 orthogonal step-down gears
  • Total power installed approx. 40 KW

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