Technical and mechanical specifications

  • Working width: 2.500 – 7.500 mm
  • Cross cut:1x moving and driven rotating disc blade
  • Longitudinal cut:X x rotating disc blades against cylinder

Composition of the machine

  • One footway in steel between accumulator and cutting unit allows access to the slitting group for manual adjustment (of longitudinal blades) and control of all blades.
  • Steel frame with support cylinders / table to support and guide the nonwoven material
  • One driven cylinder at the entry / one driven cylinder at the exit of the cutting unit for the controlled transport of the nonwoven material through the cutting process. Both cylinders are driven by gearbox motor with independent frequency inverter.
  • Feeding cylinders of the cutting unit with pneumatic opening and closing.
  • Cross cutting blade driven by timing belt and gearbox motor. Cross cutting blade diameter approx. 420mm
  • Longitudinal cut with disc blades diameter approx. 200mm. Disc blades are kept under pneumatic pressure (adjustable) against a tempered driven cylinder. Cylinder is driven by gearbox motor with independent frequency inverter.

More Info for Longitudinal and Cross Cutting Unit