Dryer Model

Technical and mechanical specification

  • Working width: max. 4.500 mm
  • Length: approx. 3m per heating zone
  • Speed: max. 30 m/min
  • Basic weight: max. 3.000 g/m2
  • Output product thickness: 5 – 250 mm
  • Working temperature: max. 250 °C

Composition of the machine

  • All parts in contact with hot air are in galvanized steel
  • The external walls are isolated with pressed mineral wool panels
  • The external walls are painted with fire painting
  • Fire extinguishing system equipped with spray nozzles
  • Temperature monitoring via SPS +/- 1 °C
  • The Dryer is equipped with one transport conveyor for material transport through the machine. This conveyor can be made in several executions, e.g. in steel-spiral or in glass fibre reinforced mesh-fabric

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