CFON-1000 / 1500 / 1900

This machine has been designed for very fine pre-opening of synthetic virgin fibres during the blending process, in order to obtain a very good and even distribution of low-denier binder fibres in the blend. It supports a more effective and intimate mix of various components compared to standard fine openers.

The carding opener is composed of a main cylinder with rigid wire clothing, one feed apron and two feeding rollers, clothed with rigid wire. Additionally, this type of machine is equipped with three working rollers, also clothed with metallic rigid wire. The feed and working rollers have adjustable speeds, controlled by separate frequency inverters.

Technical and mechanical specifications:

  • Working width: 1.900 mm
  • Diameter of the drum: 900 mm
  • Drum revolution: 620 mm

Composition of the machine

  • PVC conveyor belt for transporting the fiber material
  • Upper feeding roller with wire clothing, acting against a parabolic profile and a sharp knife in order to hold properly the fibers during the opening action made by the main cylinder with pins
  • Feeding group driven by gearbox motor with frequency inverter for continuous variation of the feeding speed, accordingly to the required production capacity and opening degree of the fibers
  • It is also possible to vary the pressure of the upper feeding roller against the knife in order to increase or decrease the opening degree of the processed material
  • Main cylinder clothed with 32 wood lags with pins (pins type and density can change according to the processed fibers)

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