Precision & QualityIt’s our aim to build precise and high quality machinery.

SpeedIt’s our aim to build precise and high quality machinery.

SupportIt’s our aim to build precise and high quality machinery.

Company NOMACO GmbH & Co KG has been established by Mr. Karsten Pelz and Mr. Herbert Schwarzenbrunner, shortly after the ITMA fair in Munich 2007.

With the experience in non woven manufacturing of Mr. Pelz and the background in mechanical engineering and tool manufacture of Mr. Schwarzenbrunner, a perfect precondition was given for a successful future in manufacturing machinery and equipment for the non woven industry. Due to the rapid increase of business volume, as well as the high number of projects, it was necessary to reorganize the company and rename it to NOMACO GmbH & Co KG in 2011. January 2013, expansion of the engineering department. April 2014, occupation of our new sales and engineering office in Rehau / Germany.

May 2017, move in a new and bigger office building with additional warehouse in Rehau / Germany.

NOMACO GmbH & Co KG develops, manufactures and distributes machinery and turnkey lines for manufacturing of non woven products. NOMACO provides a variety of solutions from individual single machines up to turn key plants from a single source.

We deliver exactly that solution, what is applicable for your product and fits the planned budget. Compared to our competitors, we are pleased to offer you modernizations and refurbishments on your existing production lines as well. To round off our product portfolio, we are pleased to offer a variety of accessories, tools and spare parts around the non woven manufacturing process.

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